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http://clearywolters    29 May 2016 14:21 | rFU7LZ0NG
maintenant les opposants de khadafi doivent prendre les choses en main.c’est a eux de gagner leurs libert├ęs en s’organisant pour reprendre l’avantage militaire et surtout politiques ville par ville jusqu’a isol├ę khadafi et les quelques milliers de personnes le soutenant.je pense que ce qu’a fait la coalition ├ętait une bonne chose, mais maintenant il faut prendre du recul sur la situation et ne pas aller trop loin

http://jennyaustin.n    29 May 2016 07:30 | jZlFZHk1O6e
... The hatred, the greed, the covetousness and envy of the DUmmies is disquieting. Somehow the DUmmies think they are entitled to other people's property because...well just because.I think they feel entitled to other people's property because they're better than you are (at least they think so) and they are entitled because they have to run your life since you're either too stupid, too racist, too greedy or too hateful (or maybe some combination of those impediments) to run it without them being your overseer.

http://unlockpuremag    29 May 2016 03:34 | UOQ2S1g0
Thanks Dean. Its a strange business, the way we collude with the media to put pressure on celebrities to look a certain way and in turn, find ourselves subjected to that same pressure. Its a vicious cycle.

http://clearywolters    29 May 2016 01:30 | F1458UMQ
This is one of the funnest and most truthful postings you have done. I doff my tin foil hat to you ot8isgrrr8. I continue to worship you from afar.

http://edwardallerto    28 May 2016 22:04 | 9DHso3nrB
Perfectly composed content material, thank you for selective information. The earth was made round so we would not see too far down the road. by Karen Blixen.

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