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http://osatmilwaukee    05 June 2016 23:31 | zqas6WV0QQ7K
- if he is ineligible, he is occupying the office illegally. He can't be impeached because he's NOT PRESIDENT!! If you're ineligible to run, you cannot be a legally elected president. Therefore: He has broken the law of the land (The Constitution) He is there illegally and The SUPREME COURT should do their duty and REMOVE His illegal ass from the Peoples House!!!ELmo

http://reinamarta.co    05 June 2016 23:08 | 66ptaFlYl68
"But it's an embedded narrative that Americans are the rough country cousins and European intellectuals are the progressive vanguard of civilization" These progressive vanguard paid ransom to terror during the 80's and are being guarded by American Army [How much this costs ? ] since the 50's.They should be reminded of their reality when they preach to the US or to Israel

http://healthychatte    05 June 2016 16:52 | WXMImutZ2
On s’en fout!!!!! Vive la Gauche! Marre de l’UMP!!!! J’espère qu’ils disparaitront!! On a tout! L’assemblĂ©e, le sĂ©nat, la prĂ©sidence! Vive la GAUCHE! Vite, dĂ©pĂ©nalisons le bĂ©dot, augmentons les aides sociales et confisquons les logements des riches! Une fois que l’UMP aura disparu, tout sera tellement plus simple! Il faut aussi que sarko rende des comptes devant la justice pour sa gestion calamiteuse!!!!!

http://healthychatte    05 June 2016 15:50 | EleC6vN9oGuQ
to "new laptop battery"the issue of content is a separate story. in regards of why sites "disappear" from the google index has to do with algorithm. not only they are not present in the "ommitted" results, but they are not indexed at all on the "direct quote" if let's say some feed aggregator with higher ranking has an exact copy of your "original" but lower ranked site. i run many tests on many sites and i think i nailed this problem. my advice is not to submit your feed to aggregators as some of them will replace you in the search results.

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