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http://daurbanjungle    14 June 2016 09:39 | McIEm9r52RH
I think Comment sections are great, but the order is not so great.Recent comments should be at the top still so that most recent comments get viewed first, then top rated, then author comments. It is going to get really annoying to get more e-mail replies to Author comments because users will see them more and reply for the sake of replying (for bigger channels).

http://berriencounty    14 June 2016 02:04 | Q0m0EhmK0
I totally understand your weekness for apple cakes... every fall I bake apple cakes, apple pie, apple crisps, apple muffins, apple turnovers, just because I loooovveee the aroma when these are baking! I like this cake with olive oil, it's probably really moist! i bookmark it!

http://buytopsshoes.    14 June 2016 01:13 | 0SDie0WT
Et si vous vous mettiez à 30 ou 40 et que vous le dégommiez sérieusement ?Visiblement, daprès ce que je lis ici, il ne vous arriverais pas grand chose.Mais je sais bien que cest pas si simple.

http://daurbanjungle    14 June 2016 00:18 | liR7mO6LA
Je suis ravie de découvrir cet auteur et cette maison dédition en particulier.Je vais my pencher de très près&En attendant, je me suis permis de te tagger.Jespère que tu ny es pas allergique, mais si cétait le cas jaurai au moins mis un lien vers ton blog, que jaime beaucoup.CordialementElisabeth

http://sarashouse4yo    13 June 2016 22:55 | 8sDCSt0Nxfwg
Beautiful revelation&I think that many of us deal with this on a daily basis, but are not always cognizant, and therefore dont win the battle. This is a healthy perspective of how we should manifest our self-image.Thank you for posting!

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