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http://mirashamsudin    19 June 2016 07:04 | OdjGfeeoY
Anonymous,I don't doubt your view is shared by most here at GOV. It all shades off too uncomfortably, for me, into amorphously Illuminatish, quasi-Masonic, semi-neo-Gnostic alienation. I.e., it's just going too far to explain the problem.

http://kidshealthyhe    19 June 2016 06:27 | okRwyYVovkgG
Thanks for sharing this simple, yet so effective exercise. I was a personal trainer for eight years and also used to teach healthy back classes. I was in need of a visual demonstration of this stretch for a friend who lives hundreds of miles away. Great sound and video; just? enough verbal instructions and thanks for keeping the terminology simple, but professional.

http://australesoft.    19 June 2016 05:45 | q3XN76C4hDbb
Hi Rachel-You add some good points about traditional publishing have better distribution options. However, you may not know that self published and boutique publisher can also get distribution in book stores as well. Thats a big change in recent years.Im not suggesting that it is easy to get a bookstore chain to carry your self published book, but I have several friends who have done it quite successfully.Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

http://creativelyj.n    19 June 2016 05:36 | G9yGmE0z
Those were scare quotes. I would have thought that was clear.No, sorry, this whinging about GREG LADEN DID IT ALL RONG LEAVE US ALONEOMG!!! isnt going to cut it. All this is doing for the MRAs is documenting the insanity. And I dont mean insanity in a good way.

http://jaredclemmens    19 June 2016 00:25 | FfXGrzwHS9E
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