Eintrag hinzufügen    22 July 2016 16:32 | hqWmRWrX
Så flott! Det hadde været noe å sett i virkeligheten! Her er det så deilig vær at jeg er så og si ikke i hus om dagene! Mest i skog og mark! -Margit-    22 July 2016 03:02 | kR3Towbji2
Linda from NY // November 18, 2009 at 11:36 pm LM offered a survey from Fox, and 95% of those polled do not want this trial to go forward in NYC._______________Hurray!!Obviously o. is not doing much of anything that the people want, and mostly everything that we dont want.I pray the people get our way on this one!btw, slipped up on the always  never usage again. Just slipped right out there, under the radar. lol New York is high on my prayer list of late. Have a great night.    21 July 2016 19:44 | qMYPfa93Z1
Hi Len, is it really a model 100? The 100 is a very rare bike, and can be identified by the 1003 badge on the tank. Value depends on how complete it is and the condition. Can you share pics?    21 July 2016 15:05 | TOcjpTd6z
I love this bolero, the happy yellow and black check is gorgeous in itself, but I too love the secret pop of red inside. Have to agree with Gina, I wish Id thought about boleros when pregnant, Id have been soooo much more stylish. This is fun.

http://worldprimeweb    20 July 2016 16:51 | khYFl1wsI30
Life on the water, how wonderful Cloudia, loved the video, is that really your boat and you live on it! I'm not sure why, but that is just how I imagined things would be, I just can't see you being tied down to a house or apartment. Thank you so much for sharing, I think you have a wonderful life!

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