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It's clear ffrom your insulting comment that you have never used MSE. If you have used it then you're either simple-minded or have a really bad machine. I use MSE on all of my machines and I love it! McAfee's a joke, Norton is too expensive (junk really should be free), system intrusive, and a resource hog. MSE is none of those things and is as good if not better than any of the expensive 'aftermarket' oroduct.

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Mmm bonne idée l’agent pour les rendez-vous, mais t’inquiètes, j’aurai toujours du temps pour passer à ta boutique !

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At last! Something clear I can understand. Thanks!

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Youre right Eibert, I wasnt clear (jet lag!). I was referring to previously published Aramaic amulets, which are small scrolls. This one is less than 5 cm high.

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