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I agree with Daniel, martik is definitely not the author of the software. He cannot claim about using the same UI either as Daniels analysis revealed.Martik please admit it and stop posting such lame replies.Ps.*anyways is incorrect according to the Oxford dictionary :P

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I tried volume 10 and 16. They all work. I clicked blue button download on the left first, then waited for 20 seconds, then clicked Download file now. Can you tell me more about error message you saw when you downloaded?

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I'm not easily impressed but you've done it with that posting.

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Las camisas y yo no nos llevamos demasiado bien. Prefiero las camisetas!!Aunque una buena camisa siempre juega un papel fundamental en cualquier look.Un besin T.

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Still not convinced since the last time you asked?You really should send back what you can to get any possible refund.Only asking people that have taken this ridiculous yet possibly dangerous supplement is like only asking the people that jumped off a bridge what it was like on the way down.You are ignoring the people telling you not to jump off the bridge.Good luck.

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